What does Lazy Jack mean?

You’re sitting at Lazy Jack listening to some live music while you enjoy some Crab Boiled Sausage, a cold beer, and the view of Lake Pontchartrain beyond the sailboats docked in the marina. You smile and say, “ I love The Lazy Jack!”. Then someone asks you, who is The Lazy Jack? Puzzled, you laugh and reply, “I have no idea”. Well, The Lazy Jack isn’t a who. It’s a what.

Lazy Jacks are a system of lines that capture the mainsail as it drops. The Lazy Jacks sail system is a method of containing the main sail when its lowered. The Lazy Jack lines are installed either side of the main attached high up in the mast and down to the boom. Since the jacks are either side of the sail it can be dropped without falling on the deck. It makes life easier when dropping the mainsail, so you can do less work…or be “lazy”. Sailors have also been known to sleep within The Lazy Jacks. Kind of a built in hammock.

The image of a sailor kicking back in the Lazy Jacks inspired our name. Laid back. Outside. On the water. Forgetting all cares. That’s how we want yo to feel when you spend time with us. The Lazy Jack is a place where you can spend time with people you know in an atmosphere that will help you forget the rest of the world.